Genealogical project needs unusual record

Published July 30, 2005

When Sherri started out her e-mail to us by saying that she was making an odd request, the staff just had to smile. "Odd" is a relative term in Exchange Land, particularly in this case: Sherri's question is all about her relatives. Actually, hers isn't the first genealogical question we have received. We don't know how the others worked out, but let's give Sherri's a whirl.

She is hard at work compiling a family history for her children and others in the family. She could use any information on the Whitcavage/Barnauskas (or Baranauskas) and the Klimach/Michs, families from Pennsylvania. Any lowdown on the Prescott/Hancocks of Georgia would also prove most useful.

Apparently when Sherri looks for historical records, she doesn't mean just the boring paper variety: She means the VINYL kind. Specifically, she needs a recording no longer being made; it's titled Swamp Country by Jimmy Walker, on Swamper Records, and it tells the story of Obediah Barber, one of Sherri's ancestors. One used to able to buy a copy at the Okefenokee Swamp store, but all copies there were destroyed by a fire.

Says Sherri, "Please, please, any help on the family history or the record would be greatly appreciated. . . . I am working as hard as I can and can use a little Reader Exchange help." Please e-mail andycap1@tampabay.rr.com If climbing family trees makes you dizzy, you may feel more comfortable aiding the people we're grouping together in the following INSTRUCTIONS ALERT. Here we go again!

Claudine S. needs an owner's manual for a 1993 Ford Explorer XL. Please call (727) 455-4214. Leona Morrow has been given a Thomas organ that is an oldie but goodie. It is Thomas by Heathkit, model TO67, serial No. 7179531. In addition to instructions, Leona could also use some organ books. Please call (727) 726-1935. Ardith Rutland was given a Hitachi HB-B201 Automatic Home Baking Plus, minus its instructions manual. Please call (727) 895-0057.

The food processor Rosemary Deptula of Seminole purchased at a garage sale also lacked a manual, but she had already hauled the machine home before she opened the box and realized something was missing. If you have instructions for the Betty Crocker Micro Food Processor, model BC-1424, 120 V-60 HZ-AC only, please write to Rosemary in care of this column, and we'll see she gets your message. She will happily pick it up for copying.

Fran Loveland needs to know how to run her Welbilt convection oven with rotisserie, model CV8020AS. If you can help, please e-mail franloveland@wmconnect.com and put Welbilt instruction manual in the subject line.

Barbara Will hopes someone has an adult-size artist's easel they might be willing to pass along to her granddaughter, who is in middle school. Please call (727) 343-0645. Joanne Adams of Pinellas Park would like to give away quite a few 100-piece puzzles. She may be reached at (727) 578-4468. Earl of St. Pete Beach is divesting himself of some items that are always popular with our readers: an 8mm Bell & Howell movie projector; a 30- by 40-inch pullup silver screen with tripod stand; three 500 watt projector lamps; an 8mm Bell & Howell splicer and viewer; extra 8mm empty reels; a Radio Shack CB radio and aerial and cable for car. Contact him at (727) 360-2824. Used greeting cards: You want 'em, Judy has 'em, come get 'em. Just call (727) 531-4573. Veronica Botts, who doesn't sew, would like to give away sewing notions that belonged to her mother, who recently passed away: five boxes of sewing scraps, zippers, batting and related items. Please call (813) 961-2391. When Sue Miracle started taking cake-decorating classes, she suddenly realized how expensive some of the equipment can be. Any tips, bags, dyes or similar items you no longer use could really be useful to Sue. Her number is (727) 521-0999.

Thank-you notes

Sandy, the Hallmark Kiss Kiss puppy that a little boy lost at a garage sale, is back home, thanks to our readers. Mary Keller asked us to tell the folks who responded to her request that she tried to get a thank you to each caller. However, it was difficult to keep up with all the messages, and she fears she may have inadvertently deleted a couple. As usual, part of the fun in getting the item she needed was meeting so many wonderful, helpful readers: Mary even received an e-mail from Connecticut.

Barbara Burke appreciates the generous response to her request for older Nikon equipment, and says thanks so much.

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