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Tale of the training tape

A light-hearted look at Jeff Lacy's workout routine as compared with that of Rocky Balboa:

By JOHN C. COTEY, Times Staff Writer
Published August 5, 2005

ROCKY: Hitting a side of beef where Paulie worked. Great TV, and makes for a real tender piece of steak. Mmmmmm.

LACY: Hitting a heavy bag, but one specially ordered and filled with water to better simulate the way a human feels when you hit him.

EDGE: Lacy, until he fights a cow. Then, we gotta go with Rocky.

ROCKY: In dingy sweats, a wool winter cap and some Chuck Taylor tennis shoes, Rocky runs through the streets of Philadelphia as kids follow.

LACY: In color-coordinated workout gear and top-of-the-line cross trainers, Lacy runs alone in Brandon and sometimes on a treadmill.

EDGE: Rocky. Hey, anyone who can run that far in Chuck Taylors deserves our respect.

ROCKY: Chases a chicken in an abandoned lot as a way to improve footwork and prepare for his super-fast opponent.

LACY: Former world-class sprinter Darryl Hudson was brought in to work with Lacy.

EDGE: Rocky. Added bonus: grilled chicken for dinner!

ROCKY: Gets a big medicine ball and karate chops slammed into his gut every time he pulls himself up.

LACY: Did 100 situps last week while conducting an interview. And that was just to warm up.

EDGE: Lacy. It took until Rocky IV before Balboa had abs like Lacy.

ROCKY: Did one-armed pushups, inspiring a whole country of little kids to dislocate their shoulders trying the same thing (oh, don't act like that never happened to you).

LACY: Can probably do twice as many pushups as Rocky in his sleep.

EDGE: Rocky. Sorry, but he did it with one hand!

ROCKY: Cracks raw eggs into a glass and drinks them down before beginning his morning workout.

LACY: Usually a banana and vitamins.

EDGE: Lacy. Tried the raw eggs thing once. Threw up 10 yards into my run (oh, don't act like that never happened to you!).

ROCKY: Fought Apollo Creed, the flashy, brilliantly fast heavyweight champion of the world.

LACY: Fights Robin Reid, who used to be a porn model.

EDGE: Rocky. Come on, seriously.

ROCKY: Technically, none.

LACY: Used the Rocky theme in Wednesday's public workout (we'll pretend we didn't hear the Stevie B. mix in the gym last week).

EDGE: Lacy. The Rocky theme rules.


ROCKY: Mick was classic, but too old-school. When Rocky kicked him to the curb, he came back and begged for another chance. Plus, he had a bum ticker.

LACY: Dan Birmingham, 2004 Trainer of the Year. 'Nuff said.

EDGE: Lacy. Birmingham may not make Lacy "eat lightning and crap thunder" like Mick did to Rocky, but ... you know what, that quote is almost enough to make us change our mind.

(final result)

ROCKY: A spine-tingling, eye-watering finish in 15 rounds that was enough to make little kids run through walls afterward. Well, not all the way through. Oh, don't act like that never ... awww just forget it.

LACY: We don't know yet.

EDGE: No Decision, though Lacy will have a tough time topping "Yo, Adrian."

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