Daily fishing report

Published August 9, 2005

Fishing has been good the past week. We caught grouper, snapper and amberjack. Grouper have been in 110 to 118 feet and feeding on live pinfish after chumming the bottom with sardines.

Red snapper have been found a little deeper and have been eating frozen sardines. Amberjack fishing has been good, with fish weighing 30 to 60 pounds. The jacks have been eating live Spanish sardines and cigar minnows.

Red Tide appears to be clearing up. Heading offshore, we haven't noticed the foul odor or seen as many floating fish. A diver on a ledge in 40 feet reported that the bottom was littered with dead fish and the water smelled.

Catching bait inshore is improving. Pinfish are showing up over the hard-bottom patches near the beaches. The nearshore wrecks are holding good numbers of Spanish sardines and cigar minnows. Bluerunners hopefully will start showing up in large quantities.

We expect to encounter thunderstorms this time of year. On Sunday, we were caught in one with winds pushing 40 mph. Fishing offshore can be dangerous if you are not prepared. Carry a radio and file a float plan indicating where to look in case of trouble.

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