Daily fishing report

Published August 23, 2005

Although the situation offshore from Tarpon Springs to Bayport remains bleak due to lingering red tide, inshore fishing has been good. Flats guides have reported excellent catches of snook and redfish while fishing live bait in select areas. Schools of 100 or more reds have been sighted, although those who found them have been reluctant to say exactly where. Calm mornings are a good time to look for reds. Try poling or working an area with an electric trolling motor while keeping an eye open for the distinctive head-wakes created when a school of redfish makes a move. If you do not spook them they usually only move a short distance then settle again. Once the initial wake fades, look closely for the distinctive bronze flashes below the surface. This behavior is typical of reds in a large school as individuals periodically turn on their sides and rub the bottom.

With the current moon phase, look for the fish to be high up on the flats, close to the mangroves or other shoreline when the tide is at its highest. They will be well back in open water when it is low tide. During the lowest tides you may see fish tailing as they tip to feed on the bottom in extremely shallow water. The water where they are found is often so shallow that the grass protrudes from the surface all around the wiggling tail, making them challenging to target. Here in the bay area tailing redfish are seldom seen when the tide is high.

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