Fantasy football web sites

Published August 31, 2005

1. NFL.com: Easy, sortable stats. Stuck between two players? Use the team defense stats and compare the two defenses they're up against. "One's allowed 10 rush TDs, the other 29."

2. ESPN.com: Great content, though some of it is locked in the site's "Fantasy Edge" and "ESPN Insider" premium products. Insider is free to ESPN The Magazine subscribers.

3. SI.com: Tons of free, smart fantasy content, and if you're drafting in three hours, go there and print out their cheat sheets. Like ESPN, it's a site you should read every week.

4. Yahoo.com: They'll host your league for free, then tempt you with the live StatTracker product. They've upgraded their fantasy content, stealing ESPN.com analyst Brandon Funston.

5. Rototimes.com: My favorite non-major site; you can plug in your league's unique scoring system and get a cheat sheet built specifically for you. Lots of timely player notes, too.