Her old Ky. home has room for more shakers

Published September 3, 2005

For some Exchangers, the mention of salt and pepper shakers may evoke a memory. But if it doesn't, let us fill you in. Ma, a Kentucky resident, is actually the grandmother of Donna Collins, a reader who lives in Dunedin. Donna wrote a couple of years ago to tell us about Ma's hobby - collecting salt and pepper shakers - and to enlist readers in her plan to boost Ma's collection to 3,000 sets by her 91st birthday.

Well, Ma turned 92 on June 20, and she's still collecting: In fact, she now has 3,210 sets, 300 of them from Florida. Donna says it is amazing to sit in Ma's tiny kitchen, surrounded by shakers. In another room, shelves hold the rest of the exhibit. Still, when Donna asked Ma if she intended to stop collecting, Ma said, "I reckon I'll just keep going."

So Donna thought she'd surprise Ma with another influx of salt and pepper shakers. If you have shakers you'd like to contribute, please mail them to Mayme Wood, 433 Crows Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42101.

The next item may sound familiar, but that's because it appeared on a Saturday when the writer was out of town. Ruthann Lubahn of St. Petersburg needs an aluminum ramp that will help her get her wheelchair into her van. The wheelchair is too heavy for her to lift alone, but she can use the lift and ramp in conjunction to make a successful transfer. Please call (727) 521-1916 if you can help.

While we're on the subject of wheelchairs and their transport, Clay Gleason would find some of his personal transportation problems solved by an adult wheelchair. He may be reached at 727 432-0735 or breeze33781@verizon.net

Doreen and George Appunn are moving their aunt from a nursing home in Ohio to an adult living facility in St. Petersburg. Because their aunt has always loved Scotland, they have come up with the idea of decorating her room to reflect those travels and memories. Unfortunately, Auntie lost all of her mementos when she lost her home, so our interior decorators must start from scratch with their Scottish motif.

A bonnie kilt, a wee bagpipe (it wouldn't have to be a working one, since it's just part of the decor), anything reminiscent of the auld country will be appreciated, though something as cumbersome as a Clydesdale may have to be declined.

The Appunns also hope someone can suggest where to purchase material (in red tartan) to make a shower curtain. Call them at (727) 864-6430.

One week after Dee Avery went to Washington state to visit her daughter's family, she became ill with a blood clot at the base of her brain. She is recovering after two surgeries, thank goodness. She has left the hospital and returned to her daughter's home to rest, recover and undergo therapy.

Her sister writes to tell us that this very special woman could use some cheery get-well cards to keep up her spirits. Her current address is Dee Avery, c/o Fincher, 115 Sweetgrass Lane, Friday Harbor, WA 98250.

Susan Pollard is offering 25 Oreck vacuum bags free to someone who wants them. They fit Oreck models XL2000, XL8000, XL9000 and commercial series that don't have bag docks. Please call (727) 217-4947. Gail Wise of Tampa wants to give her Zenith console stereo to someone who wants an LP player, plus AM/FM radio. Gail may be reached at (813) 935-3344.

Thank-you notes

Linda, the volunteer genealogist who requested information on the whereabouts of a World War II memorial plaque in Clearwater, writes to thank all the readers who pointed her in the right direction. A family member of one of the servicemen whose names appeared on it wanted a photo of the plaque, which no longer occupied its initial location. But numerous calls from readers steered Linda to Clearwater High School, where a large memorial of four wars includes the plaque she sought. The intrepid investigator has snapped and delivered the photos to the family, which also thanks our wonderful readers.

The Heritage missions group in Largo is very excited about the beautiful fabric and yarn donated by readers. The response was overwhelming and will certainly help the stitchers in their efforts to help others.

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