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International aid offers

Some of what other countries have offered to aid in hurricane recovery:

By Associated Press
Published September 7, 2005

AUSTRALIA: $8-million.

BANGLADESH: $1-million.

BRITAIN: 500,000 ration packs, search gear, high-volume pumps.

CANADA: Three navy ships, coast guard vessel, helicopters.

CHINA: $5-million.

CUBA: 1,100 doctors.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Field hospital, pumps, water processing equipment.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Doctors, nurses.

FRANCE: 300 tents, 980 cots, 60 generators, 30 pumps.

GERMANY: 70,000 ration packs, medical supplies, medical evacuation aircraft.

GREECE: Two cruise ships to house homeless.

INDIA: $5-million.

INDONESIA: 45 doctors, 10,000 blankets.

ISRAEL: Doctors, trauma experts, other medical staff, field hospital.

ITALY: 300 cots, 300 blankets, 600 sheets, pump, first-aid kits, baby food.

JAPAN: $1-million, tents, blankets, power generators, portable water tanks.

KOSOVO: $500,000

KUWAIT: $500-million in oil and other goods.

LATVIA: Disaster team, financial aid, blankets, bottled water.

LUXEMBOURG: Two jeeps, 1,000 cots, 2,000 blankets.

MEXICO: Navy ship, food, amphibious vehicles, helicopters, medical team, 15 army vehicles, health workers, water-treatment equipment, mobile kitchens.

THE NETHERLANDS: Three water pumps, water, medicine, helicopters and beds.

NEW ZEALAND: $1.4-million, search team, victim identification team.

NICARAGUA: Flooding and sanitation experts.

NORWAY: Navy divers, 10,000 blankets, unspecified financial aid.

PANAMA: 120,000 pounds of bananas.

PERU: 80 to 100 doctors.

QATAR: $100-million.

RUSSIA: Three transport planes with generators, food, tents, blankets, water, medical supplies.

SINGAPORE: Three CH-47 transport helicopters.

SLOVAKIA: Water purification gear, cots, water.

SLOVENIA: Cots, bedding, first aid kits.

S. KOREA: $30-million.

SPAIN: Firefighters and equipment, medical staff, tents, cots, blankets, food, water, generators.

SRI LANKA: $25,000.

TAIWAN: $2-million.

VENEZUELA: 1-million barrels of gas, $5-million, water purification plants, 50 tons of food and water.

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