Got a minute? Patrick St. Louis, LB

Published September 14, 2005

Since the Lightning won the Stanley Cup, do you have more people trying to pronounce your last name san-louie , like Martin?

Teachers do. It's St. Louis, like the city. It's French. My dad's Haitian, but he pronounces it the same way.

What CD are you listening to right now?

Kanye West. Late Registration.

You see what he said during the Katrina telethon?

No. Football, they have us trapped up so much, if you're home, you've got to go straight to the books. I really don't watch any TV.

We know Stephen Nicholas is Snake, and Chris Carothers is Beef. What's the best nickname on this team we don't know about?

Johnnie Jones. "Slab." I don't even know what it's from, just something we made up.

Biggest goof in the linebacking corps?

Snake. When he does his impersonation of Coach (co-defensive coordinator Wally) Burnham.