Got a minute? Brandon Marshall, UCF WR

Published September 16, 2005

Are the players as excited about this game as the fans?

We're pumped up. It's exciting. I don't think anybody understands how happy we are about (playing) South Florida ... and coming into Raymond James Stadium.

Can you tell me what it's like to go through a whole season without a win?

The toughest thing was how hard we worked last year. ... To put in so much work and not see any results. The good thing is, we stayed together as a team. We learned a lot about each other as far as personality and football. I think that's going to be a plus for us this year.

You were a safety last year because there wasn't enough defensive experience. How did that happen?

We had a lot of guys go down with injuries. It was just crazy. I came in one day and one of the guys was joking with me that "Coach says you're playing free safety." ... The next day I'm in the gold (defensive) jersey at practice. I said to myself and the team, it doesn't make sense for us to put up a lot of points and we don't stop anybody and still lose.

What was life like on the other side?

It's kind of tough. One shift (in their offense) can change your whole defense. ... As the season went on I got more comfortable. I had fun over there. On offense you really have to rely on the quarterback to get the ball to you and the offensive line to block. On defense, you know what you're going to do, and you just play. You can be all over the place.