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The Buzz

By Times Staff Writer
Published September 18, 2005


CADILLAC WILLIAMS: With a strong debut, the talented Bucs running back has people thinking big. The question is, can he keep it up?


FOX SPORTS: The network attempted to do something nice for Hurricane Katrina evacuees in Texas by showing the New Orleans-Carolina game but pulled the plug just before John Carney's winning field goal so its in-state affiliates could be shifted to a mandatory commercial break.


Need something to wear for Halloween? On the official Web site of Raiders receiver Randy Moss (, you can buy a mask of Moss, complete with afro, for $49.95. Just think about how much money Vince Naimoli could make if he did something like this. ... A cricket player in England fell asleep after a "24-hour bender" celebrating his squad's recent win, but while he dozed his teammates scrawled an unprintable word on his forehead, and painted a beard, moustache and glasses on his face. As the player, Freddie Flintoff, exited the team bus the next day, he apparently had no idea about the artwork on his face until fans began taking photographs.


To professional athletes and coaches: Enough with the Glug Glug, Vroom Vroom. Do all of us a favor and call a freakin' cab.



6,347: Lame sportscasters who made references to Urban Sprawl, Urban Renewal or Urban Blight Saturday while showing clips of the UF-Tennessee game.


In showing Barry Bonds their unconditional love, Giants fans have become the laughingstock of baseball. From caustic Jim Rome to the stately Washington Post and New York Times, media critics can't believe anyone could unabashedly cheer the central figure of the BALCO case.

Answer: That's easy to say from afar. It's a little different inside the ballpark where Bonds became the greatest hitter of modern times. The scene isn't a whole lot different from Yankee Stadium, where once-abusive fans came to embrace Jason Giambi this year, or St. Louis, where Mark McGwire has been invited to join the final-weekend farewell to Busch Stadium.

Naturally, Cardinals fans were disappointed in McGwire's pitiful showing before Congress in March. Watch what happens, though, when (if) he strolls onto the field.

- Bruce Jenkins, San Francisco Chronicle


Hey Delmon (Young), you ain't seen nothing yet, my man.

Compiled by Times staff writer Keith Niebuhr with information from other news organizations.

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