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Hate to see you go, Lou

Letters to the Editor
Published September 25, 2005

It's a shame to see Lou Piniella leave. He did so much with so little during his tenure here. Through half a season, this team looked like the worst Rays team in history, a feat not easily accomplished. A hot finish, and Piniella can turn this into the best. A few million more spent on the starting rotation and this town could be talking postseason instead of post-Piniella. Thanks, Lou, for doing your best.

-- Nate Kurant, St. Petersburg

A high price to pay

Sunday's Bucs game at Raymond James was the hottest I can remember in 30 years. Certainly exposure to such conditions borders on dangerous and I have no doubt there were emergency situations due to the extreme heat. Several people around me felt the need to seek shelter. One woman seated near me had to leave early because of heat stroke.

What I found appalling is the price charged for water under these circumstances - $3.75 a bottle. I can go to Publix and, for nearly the same price, buy a case of 24. This is price gouging. Given any other situation (hurricane) where people are forced to purchase supplies necessary for health and safety, such pricing would be deemed illegal.

Certainly, under extreme heat conditions, water can be considered a necessity. They should end such outrageous pricing policies, especially when you're not allowed to bring your own water in.

-- Ted Froberg, Largo
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