What baseball really means

Letters to the Editor
Published October 2, 2005

John Romano's "Still a kid's game" (Friday, Sept. 30) is one of the finest pieces of sportswriting I have ever encountered. I am a lifetime baseball fan, and a Devil Rays season ticket holder, and I heartily agree with his viewpoint. It's a game. It's entertainment. It's a way to bond. I have watched games with my father for six decades, and I know the power baseball can wield in bringing people together and bringing out the best in people.

Thank you, John, for reminding us all why baseball is America's sport.

-- Jim Belcher, Largo

Was Lou auditioning for Yankees?

Did Lou sew up his new managerial position when the Devil Rays lost four to the Yankees in their last home stand?

-- Alan Miller Indian Shores

Coles deserves respect for speaking up

Re: Laveranues Coles' admission (Sunday, 12C). As much as any victim's advocate, mentor or volunteer at CASA, Coles has given a voice to those who desperately need help. His willingness to share this personal nightmare will encourage young men to ask for help and not attempt to bear the burden alone. He deserves major respect from the community and fellow players.

-- Robyn Dalton Largo