What they're saying

By Times staff writers
Published October 7, 2005

"Vince Naimoli succeeded in bringing major-league baseball to this region and for that we are extremely grateful. I wouldn't be standing here today if not for his efforts."

- Stuart Sternberg

* * *

"I look forward to working with Stu Sternberg as he transitions into the role of control person for the team. We will move forward with the ownership committee and club approval expeditiously. In the time since he has become an investor in the team, I have gotten to know Stu and have been impressed with his acumen and enthusiasm. I am confident he will ably carry the stewardship of the Devil Rays forward. In the transition period prior to the vote, I have agreed that Stu can act on behalf of the team."

- Bud Selig, MLB commissioner

* * *

"When we're trading options, it's a very high-leverage situation. You have a lot of exposure on both sides. And in order to be successful, you have to be right a lot more often than wrong. You take a big risk, and often times you have to be a contrarian. Often times you have to think differently than the crowd. And so that's what (Sternberg) does. He likes to challenge the common thinking and I think he'll do that for years and years to come."

- Matt Silverman, Rays president

* * *

"I'm fired up. I saw it happen with the Bucs after all those years of losing. You put a winner on the field, everybody follows. I think the nucleus of the team is great next season. The schedule is great. We got a new owner and we're going to have a new influx of money. There's only an upside."

- Mark Ferguson, owner, Ferg's Sports Bar & Grill

* * *

"I think it's a great gesture. I believe this day he (Sternberg) is trying to set a tone for where he was going. To make an announcement like that, I think it's a great thing to say, "We want you to give us a look and give us a try. We want to be part of the community."'

- Rick Baker, St. Petersburg mayor, on free parking for next season's games

* * *

"That stadium that stands not far from where I am right now should be something that people look at and drive by and think of in a very proud fashion, something they feel is good in their midst."

- Sternberg, on Tropicana Field