Got a minute? Jimmie Russell, Sophomore QB, B-CC

Published October 7, 2005

You've had two big games in a row - nine touchdowns (seven rushing, two passing). Coach (Alvin Wyatt) said you've earned the starting job. What is working for you?

Just the play calling. The offensive line is really having a lot of fun out there.

Fun? In the trenches?

Yeah, they're having fun. They're talking, they're smiling, they're laughing. Telling me what works, what isn't working. A team is only as good as the offensive line.

Compare the Jimmie Russell this year to the Jimmie last year.

I'm a lot more patient. Of course I have a year of experience. It's easier for me to see the plays. I see the tendencies of the teams. I'm easier to coach.

What's your biggest regret about last season?

I really just stunk it up on my reads last year. I wasn't being the caretaker of the football that I am this year. Already we're plus-6 (in turnover margin).