Tonight's games: Hillsborough

All games at 7:30 unless noted.

By Times staff writers
Published October 7, 2005

Hillsborough (6-0) at Plant (4-1)

THE SKINNY: The oldest rivalry in the county. Plant is showing signs of being a really good team. This will be a peek into the Panthers' future.

Purks: Hillsborough Niebuhr: Hillsborough

Armwood (5-1) at Middleton (4-2)

THE SKINNY: Like that 20-foot python that ate the 6-foot alligator in the Everglades, this will be a fight for the top of the Class 4A food chain. The snake won, by the way. (Well, until the alligator caused its stomach to burst). Who's the alligator? Who's the snake?

Purks: Armwood Niebuhr: Armwood

Robinson (3-2) at Jefferson (4-2)

RADIO: 1250-AM

THE SKINNY: This could be the game of the night. It's one Robinson has been looking forward to for some time. Is there a shift of power blowing in that tropical breeze?

Purks: Jefferson Niebuhr: Jefferson

Chamberlain (3-2) at Jesuit (6-0)

THE SKINNY: A strange, yet beauteous matchup if ever there was one. These teams have never met and the fact they're meeting tonight is intriguing. Yes, intriguing indeed.

Purks: Jesuit Niebuhr: Jesuit

Alonso (3-2) at Gaither (4-1)

THE SKINNY: Gaither, recent graduates of the University of Holy Cow, is surprising people. Throw in the fact the Cowboys play in a district with three Pasco County teams and it looks like it's time to start camping out for playoff tickets.

Purks: Gaither Niebuhr: Alonso

Riverview (4-1) at Blake (2-3)

THE SKINNY: Riverview is coming off a big win over Riverview. Whatever that means. Blake is one of those confounding teams that might kick the stuffing out of you or turn out to be the kickee.

Purks: Riverview Niebuhr: Riverview

Wharton (5-1) at Brandon (3-3)

THE SKINNY: If you think Gaither at 4-1 is a surprise, then what do you consider 5-1 Wharton? Divine intervention? The Wildcats seem to have put everything together. No, seriously, everything. Look out, Eagles.

Purks: Wharton Niebuhr: Brandon

Freedom (5-1) at Bloomingdale (2-3)

THE SKINNY: Freedom hit a little road bump at Plant but has recovered nicely. This could be a big night for the Patriots. Speaking of big - that describes Bloomingdale's band.

Purks: Freedom Niebuhr: Freedom

Durant (2-4) at Newsome (1-5)

THE SKINNY: Durant is getting better and better. Newsome is threatening to get better. This could be a great game. Or not.

Purks: Newsome Niebuhr: Durant

Tampa Bay Tech (0-6) at Plant City (3-2)

THE SKINNY: Winless TBT at Raiderville ... not the perfect scenario for cracking the win column.

Purks: Plant City Niebuhr: Plant City

Blountstown (5-0) at Berkeley Prep (3-2)

THE SKINNY: Some facts about Blountstown: It's the county seat of Calhoun County - that's somewhere between Tallahassee and Panama City. There are three schools in the county - one elementary school, one middle school and Blountstown High. This tells us a) the Tigers have a long bus ride and, therefore, b) they should be good and stiff when they show up.

Purks: Blountstown Niebuhr: Blountstown

East Bay (3-2) at King (0-6)

THE SKINNY: Fact: King has never had an 0-10 season. And the Lions have been around since 1960. After tonight they have Sickles, Chamberlain and Leto left. So it's not all bad for the boys in blue and red.

Purks: East Bay Niebuhr: East Bay

Sickles (0-6) at Leto (0-5)

THE SKINNY: Gatorade will be poured over some coach's head tonight. The Gryphons have only scored 16 points this season. Leto scored 20. Going by averages, Sickles would have to go above and beyond just to lose 4-3.

Purks: Sickles Niebuhr: Sickles

Northside Christian (2-4) at Tampa Baptist (1-3)

THE SKINNY: Experience points to Northside Christian. So, in that case, so do we.

Purks: NC Niebuhr: NC

Temple Heights (0-5) at Cambridge (2-3), Saturday

THE SKINNY: A big-time district game. This isn't what you think of when you think of Saturday football, but it's a start.

Purks: Cambridge Niebuhr: Cambridge


Purks: 77-20

Niebuhr: 69-28


Armwood allowed 21 points in its opener, a loss to Hillsborough, but has given up only 16 points since (four games, all wins).

In 11 games between them, Leto and Sickles have combined to score 36 points and allow 388.

Riverview hasn't started 4-1 since 2001, the last season the Sharks made the playoffs.

Wharton, which scored 14 in an opening loss to Freedom, has averaged 30 per game since.

In its four wins, Jefferson averaged 38.2 points on offense. In its two losses, the Dragons averaged 11.5.

- KEITH NIEBUHR, Times staff writer