Dunedin cash won't pay for club's bridge repair

Dunedin Country Club rethinks asking the city to help share the $86,000 cost.

Published October 8, 2005

DUNEDIN - The city won't be paying to repair the bridge at the 15th hole of the Dunedin Country Club golf course.

Hours before Thursday's commission meeting, the country club's board decided not to ask for help with the cost of replacing the bridge. The board, facing tough economic times, had planned to ask the city to share the $86,000 repair cost.

City Manager John Lawrence and City Attorney John Hubbard had recommended not helping with the cost.

While the city owns the golf course land, the country club is responsible for the maintenance, Lawrence said. Hubbard wrote in a memo that the request to use public funds was inappropriate because the bridge has no public use, except as a convenience to the club and people using the golf course on a fee basis.

Commissioners did agree Thursday night to extend the club's lease through 2027 and continue reinvesting half the club's annual rent - about $96,000 - in a capital improvement fund until late 2008.

That fund was set up last year to help the club upgrade the irrigation system. Golfing members were also assessed $12 a month. Work on the bridge began last week. To pay for the repair, the board may borrow money from another source or assess golfing members.