Prep swimmers deserve better

Letters to the Editor
Published October 30, 2005

Re: Bureaucracy 1, teen swimmer 0, Friday

The rift between USA Swimming and high school swimming runs deep, but from my perspective it is FHSAA that has the inferiority complex. The athletes and their parents made the absolute correct decision in choosing the Junior National Team. The accomplishments of Megan Romano, Chelsea Franklin and Corrine Showalter speak much louder than any high school meet. These girls should have been given a special dispensation to advance to states.

Shame on high school swimming for being so small.

-- Dean Graves, Riverview

Sports coverage rates a 10

Over 20 years ago, I moved to New Port Richey and then subscribed to the Times. I came from Philadelphia and thought that the Philadelphia Inquirer had the the greatest sports section. At the time, the Times was not up to my quality. Today, I would give the Times a 10, your sports section for all sports, national, state and local is top notch.

-- George Montgomery, New Port Richey

Face fact: this is not Griese's team

Before some of you go off blasting Chris Simms about his ability, take a good look at what one of you have been printing already. About how Brian Griese did this and Griese did that and how Griese runs the team.


I thought the coaches ran the team as in 11 players playing together. I don't care how good your quarterback is, if he doesn't have a good line in front of him he ain't no better than you or I.

How many interceptions has Griese thrown? How many times did he change the plays sent in by the coaches? How many sacks has he had? When he has 10 minutes to throw the ball, a third-string quarterback can connect.

If you think Griese was such a great quarterback then wait and watch Simms. So he's left-handed. Big deal. He isn't the first one. Come on, fellas, give the guy a break.

When Bob Griese played for the Dolphins and went down you didn't see the Miami papers running down Morrall as the back-up. They cheered for him and sympathized for Bob. I sympathize for his son now also. He's a good player but there are 10 other players on the field also. That is what makes a team.

It's not Griese's team. It's the Tampa Bay team with a capital T.

-- Karl Ormsby, Port Richey