UF: Wins bigger than system

Published October 31, 2005

GAINESVILLE - The spread isn't dead in Florida's offensive scheme, but it's being integrated with other options at least for the foreseeable future.

And while it isn't exactly the system Urban Meyer wants to run, if it leads to more wins like Saturday's victory over Georgia, he'll learn to get used to it.

"We're certainly going to keep some spread element, but a lot of it depends on the game we're playing," Meyer said Sunday. "... The hand that we're dealt right now and the nature of the SEC, teams are winning 6-3. For God's sake, Alabama is undefeated and for two games scored one touchdown. Is that what we want to become? No. Do we want to win games? Yes. So that was a decision made (to alter the offense). There are still a lot of plays that weren't run in that game - maybe a little more risk, maybe a little more potential for big plays. But we had to win that game."

Meyer said getting used to a system that may not put up as many yards and be as flashy as anticipated when he arrived won't be as tough for him and his staff as people might think.

"My first year at Utah we went 10-2, we beat Brigham Young in a snowstorm 3-0, and we won the bowl game 17-0," he said. "Winning cures everything. Am I comfortable with this? I'm comfortable with winning and having players have an opportunity to win. Ultimately we have to generate much more offense than we have this year."

JACKSON'S ROLE: After starting the season as the big-play receiver, Chad Jackson seemingly has been the odd man out of late. He had two catches for 22 yards Saturday (one for 21 yards).

"Dallas (Baker) is practicing better and Chad didn't practice Thursday because of a hamstring, both were tight and he's battling through some injuries," Meyer said. "And he's just got to play better. I don't think we're shying away from Chad, but Dallas Baker is right now a guy that's really improved in practice and become a much more disciplined receiver. Chad's got a lot of ability, he's just got to play a little better."