Josh Sanders, King of the Wake

By Times Staff Writer
Published November 4, 2005

Age: 23.

Height/Weight: 5-9, 175.

Hometown: Nowra, Australia (just south of Sydney).

Sponsors: Red Bull, O'Brien, Supra, Nevin, GM Vortec, LX, Overton's.

How many years in sport: 12.

Main tricks: H.S. 900 (rotate 21/2 times and land) and front mode 540 (front flip with 11/2 rotation).

Best memory: Won the 2005 U.S. Pro Wakeboard Tour Championship in July to take the lead in King of the Wake standings. (He is currently tied for the lead with Daniel Watkins.)

Worst memory: "Any time I get injured. You always get a couple a year, but I've been pretty fortunate. Mainly I've just had broken bones, which is pretty common."

How you got started: "We used to go surfing behind my dad's fishing boat. Then we went to a water-ski shop one time to get some other gear and we saw the first sort of "skurf" wakeboard. We grabbed a board and went from there. It was a lot more trial and error for us because we didn't have anybody who could point out what we were doing wrong."

Advice for beginners: "Basically it's just time on the water. Get a boat and get out there and give it a go. It's not that hard. The learning curve for wakeboarding is much faster than other board sports like surfing or snowboarding. So if you have an opportunity to ride, you can pick it up so much faster. Once you start to learn a few things, go to a camp or clinic, which you can find out about in a magazine, and there's usually a local pro who teaches. And you have that pro take you to the next level."

Favorite music: Jack Johnson, old U2.

Last movie watched: The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Favorite TV Show: "I watch zero TV."

Favorite food: Sushi.

Next event: The Tige Pro-Am Wakeboard Championship Dec. 2-4 in Marathon.

Philosophy on life: "Nothing is for nothing. In other words, nobody gives you anything for free and things don't happen out of pure luck. You make your own luck through hard work."