Tonight's Hillsborough prep games

All games at 7:30.

By Times staff writers
Published November 4, 2005

Plant (7-2) at Robinson (6-3)

THE SKINNY: According to the voice mail message on Plant coach Bob Weiner's cell phone, this is the Southside Showdown. Of course, that has much more effect when you say it with Weiner's morning-after-the-biggest-win-of-the-season-almost-hoarse, growly voice. Both teams are coming off their biggest wins in (enter your own long amount of time here). It's Homecoming at Robinson. And Senior Night. It's probably somebody's birthday, too. Anyway you look at it,this game is huge. Look for a good one.

Purks: Robinson Niebuhr: Plant

Alonso (4-5) at Blake (3-6)

THE SKINNY: Okay, this doesn't quite have the pull of Plant-Robinson or TC-Jesuit. But this is a shot for playoff-bound Alonso to reach .500 for the season. You never want to head into the postseason with a losing record, you know.

Purks: Blake Niebuhr: Alonso

East Bay (5-4) at Armwood (8-1)

THE SKINNY: Ho-hum, another regular season game, another chance to pad some stats. You can't help it if the Hawks feel that way. East Bay is more than a formidable foe, but the Hawks know their "real" season starts next week as they begin the quest for State Championship No. 3.

Purks: Armwood Niebuhr: Armwood

Bloomingdale (4-5) at Newsome (3-6)

THE SKINNY: This is what's known as a building block game. A chance for the seniors to make one last juke and the juniors and sophomores to show that they can carry the team next year. That and Bloomingdale would love to finish without a losing record for the first time since 1995.

Purks: Newsome Niebuhr: Bloomingdale

Tampa Catholic (6-3) at Jesuit (7-2)

THE SKINNY: If you would have asked 1,000 people at the beginning of the season which one of these teams would be preparing for the playoffs, 999 of them would have said Jesuit. If one of those polled wasn't TC coach Bob Henriquez, it may have been a clean 1,000. They would have all been wrong. That makes this game that much more important to Jesuit's season. Expect a fight.

Purks: Jesuit Niebuhr: Jesuit

Gaither (5-4) at Chamberlain (6-3)

THE SKINNY: Chamberlain has won 9 of the 11 meetings between these two teams, including the last four in a row. The thing in Gaither's favor tonight is the fact Chamberlain has a game next week and may be reluctant to keep its starters on the field, risking injury and fatigue, with the playoffs looming. The Cowboys may not need that advantage but, when you've lost four of your last six against a team, you take any edge you can get.

Purks: Chamberlain Niebuhr: Chamberlain

King (0-9) at Leto (0-9)

THE SKINNY: It seems like a cheap way to get a win but somebody's going to walk away from this having avoided a winless season. Remember, somebody has to score.

Purks: Leto Niebuhr: King

Plant City (4-5) at Riverview (8-1)

THE SKINNY: The Sharks have been one of the most pleasant surprises of the season. One loss! A district championship! Let's all go drink the water in Riverview! Plant City will make a game of it but this should be a night to applaud the Sharks season.

Purks: Riverview Niebuhr: Riverview

Temple Heights (0-9) at Tampa Baptist (1-7)

THE SKINNY: You just have to think that Temple Heights is better than an 0-10 team. I mean, the Eagles haven't been 0-10 since the '60's. That's a long time. Tampa Baptist is still working to craft a program (not an easy task at this level) but you have to go with Eagle pride. Right?

Purks: Temple Heights Niebuhr: Tampa Baptist


Purks: 130-32 Niebuhr: 112-50