Tonight's Pinellas prep games

All games at 7:30.

By Times staff writers
Published November 4, 2005

Dunbar (3-6) at Adm. Farragut (4-4)

LAST MEETING: First meeting

THE SKINNY: Dunbar is a last-second replacement opponent, and a stalwart one at that. The record may be be unimpressive, but its six losses are to teams with a 39-17 overall record, including 10-0 and 9-1 teams. The Blue Jackets are bidding for their first winning record since 2002, not a bad debut for first-year coach Chris Miller.

Girandola: Dunbar Muskatevc: Farragut

Bishop McLaughlin (2-6) at CCC (7-2)

LAST MEETING: First meeting

THE SKINNY: A huge mismatch. But remember when the Devil Rays won the World Series? That year the Saints went to the Super Bowl? The three straight NBA championships by the L.A. Clippers? Yeah, well, just wait. They'll all happen before Bishop McLaughlin wins this game.

Girandola: CCC Muskatevc: CCC

Calvary Chr. (4-5) vs. IRC (3-6)

LAST MEETING: IRC 7, Calvary 3 (2004)

THE SKINNY: The Crusaders last three victories have been against teams with a combined 2-23 record. Things will be a little tougher tonight against a Golden Eagle team that played a schedule to be avoided. Five of their six losses have been to playoff teams and none have been to a team with a losing record.

Girandola: Calvar y Muskatevc: Calvary Keswick (7-2) at Northside (3-6)

LAST MEETING: Northside 20, Keswick 17 (2004)

THE SKINNY: Mustang coach Bob Dare is stuck on 99 wins and will probably be so until next season. His team has beaten a first-year program, second-year program and an independent this year, hardly in the class of the Crusaders, who are in desperate need of an impressive performance before the playoffs.

Girandola: Keswick Muskatevc: Keswick

Winter Park Trinity (2-7) at Shorecrest (5-3)

LAST MEETING: First meeting

THE SKINNY: Trinity Prep started the year outscoring its first two opponents 73-0. Since then: seven losses. Shorecrest started being outscored by its first two opponents 68-0. Since then: a 5-2 record and a playoff berth. It's called a trend, and we expect it to continue.

Girandola: Shorecrest Muskatevc: Shorecrest