Welcome winter with stack of firewood

Published November 5, 2005

Recent cool breezes have reminded Floridians that even though we live in a state filled with sunshine and lush tropicals, it can get durn chilly here. Let family and friends from the North scoff if they wish, but we have our cherished ways to stay warm. For many of us, fireplaces and wood-burning stoves are perfect for taking the edge off the shivers when the sun is low in the southern sky.

Bob LeDuc, who has property 6 miles east of Brooksville, writes that a couple of big trees on his property have fallen, and he's in the process of sawing them into pieces. This is timely news for folks wishing to stash away a supply of free firewood. Please call Bob at (352) 797-9614 to make arrangements to haul the wood from his property, which is near the intersection of State Road 50 and Spring Lake Highway. Makes you wish you could find a way to run your car with trees, too.

Terry of Spring Hill is trying to locate a super-saver shower head, 2.5 gpm max, made by Teledyne Water Pik, but is coming up dry. If you can help, please call (352) 686-0882; Terry will pick it up.

Do you read Estonian? Rose Fields has some books, mostly fiction and some poetry, in that language to pass along to someone who is linguistically equipped to enjoy them. Please call (727) 415-8369.

Another crocheter of lap robes and shawls for nursing home residents has run out of raw materials. Joyce of Seminole needs washable four-ply yarns that may be left over from your last needlework project. She will pick it up at your convenience; just call 727 393-6050 or e-mail sky27_2002@yahoo.com

Monica Kinsey of Madeira Beach, who just replaced a bathroom vanity with a pedestal sink, finds that she needs two tile squares to complete the floor. The white, octagonal tile has a small navy-blue diamond insert. Because Monica has been unable to match the tile anywhere, she is appealing to readers to double-check their tile stashes. Monica may be reached at (727) 392-6361.

Sonja Morgan of Clearwater is a new quilter with pieced tops but no frames. (The staff hasn't a clue as to what that means, but the folks she's appealing to surely will.) Sonja's mother taught her how to hand quilt, and Sonja wants to complete one of the quilts she has started as a gift for her mom: proof that those lessons were learned well. To do so, however, she first needs those pesky frames. If you have frames not in use, Sonja will be delighted to zoom by, pick them up and put them to immediate use. Please call (727) 540-9827. Mildred Vinas of Pinellas Park would like to have a textbook that teaches the Pittman style of shorthand. Gregg and Pittman were the methods taught when many of us, Mildred included, were in high school - before technology forever altered the art of stenography. In seeking to renew her acquaintance with Pittman shorthand, Mildred has visited the library, which had only books dealing with the Gregg format. Mildred may be contacted at (727) 546-2166. Rita Smith of Spring Hill dearly wishes to have the piano music to Berceuse by Hans Kann. Please call (352) 688-7847.

D. Huffard wonders if anyone has a copy of the big old Tandy Leather catalog that listed all the products Tandy sold. Please e-mail donni42@hotmail.com if you can help.

A box of Betty Boop items is looking for a new home. Please call Barbara at (727) 546-8421.

Edgar Althouse of Spring Hill is giving away an item always high on the wish list of our readers: a Kodak carousel projector. It comes complete with accessories, including trays and a screen. Please call (352) 686-6388.

Thank-you notes

"The telephone calls started coming at 7:45 a.m. . . . and there were at least 59 that day. They kept coming sporadically until two days ago when the number reached 69." That's what Joan Roche writes about the response to her request for snoods and a gelatin recipe.

"I received info about where to find snoods, people sent me snoods, patterns to crochet and knit snoods and catalogs from the Vermont Country Store, where they are available," Joan continues. Many women and some men sent recipes for what Joan can now call by the correct name: Perfection Salad.

When Joan and her daughter delivered a snood and the salad to their friend in the nursing home, the smile on the woman's face was a well-deserved reward that Joan wants to share with each of the 69 people who responded.

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