School Board puts money above our children's needs

Re: School construction lawsuit put on hold

Letters to the Editor
Published November 6, 2005

Jim Hamilton, school district chief of staff, states: "I think it's very sad that people in Keystone are so antichildren that they would like schools for their children so far away."

I live in the very northwest corner of Hillsborough County. Children around my home would have the farthest ride of any child. McKitrick Elementary is less than 5 minutes away. This is the longest distance for any elementary child to travel in our area. Does Mr. Hamilton even know where Keystone is?

It doesn't sound like it.

But then again, this does not surprise me. All the School Board seems to view is the dollar amount.

-- Rich Dugger, Keystone

Editor's note: Rich Dugger is past president of the Keystone Civic Association.