Give it to Alstott

Letters to the Editor
Published November 13, 2005

How come the Bucs don't use what works? I may be biased because I love the heart of a player like Mike Alstott, and I am a big fan. I say let the man play ball! He is still a powerful offensive weapon. Our offense cannot afford to let his talent go to waste.

-- Paul D. Smith, Seminole

Kenyatta credit

Give Kenyatta Walker credit for putting some of the blame for the Carolina loss on himself. Now if Carnell Williams, Simeon Rice, Chris Simms, Michael Clayton and, most of all, Jon Gruden do the same, it would be even more refreshing.

-- Adam Bailey, Clearwater

Bad move, Glazers

Maybe it's time for the Glazers to wake up to the fact that they spent way too much for a mediocre coach. He took a team that was built by another coach to the Super Bowl his first year here and has been underachieving since.

-- Richard Purcaro, via e-mail