Quick reads: Around the NFL

Compiled from staff and wire reports
Published November 13, 2005


If Cadillac Williams had known this day was coming, he might have picked his dirty clothes up off the floor.

When the Bucs rookie running back gazes across the line of scrimmage today, he will spot a more-than eager tackler in Redskins cornerback Carlos Rogers, his roommate at Auburn.

And Rogers hasn't forgotten those dirty dishes Williams left in the sink, either.

"He was terrible," Rogers said of Williams' housekeeping habits. "Especially when we first moved in, I had to wield him in: "Do this, do that. And not just when we have company.' I was definitely the neat guy."

After sharing an apartment for three years, Williams and Rogers became first-round draft picks together in April, Williams at No. 5 and Rogers at No. 9. A quick peek at their schedule prompted them to circle Nov. 13: Redskins at Bucs.

Kickoff won't come fast enough.

Williams' close relationship with Auburn backfield partner Ronnie Brown, the No. 2 overall pick by the Dolphins, is well-publicized, but Rogers might know Williams best. Despite their hectic schedule, they speak daily, Rogers said.

There has been no escalation of trash talk the past week because it began in earnest months ago. Today it gets physical.

"Any time I get a shot on him, I'm taking it," Rogers said.

While we're at it, Rogers said he was faster, Williams stronger. By a little bit. While Rogers occasionally prepared a meal, Williams' culinary skills stopped at ready-to-boil Top Ramen soup packages.

"Man, don't believe that guy," Williams said. "Sometimes you come back from practice and you're tired. Sometimes I had a tendancy to leave things laying around the house and he blew it out of proportion like I'm a messy guy. There isn't any truth to it."

Winner gets the last word.


"She's not like that. She doesn't have a crew cut."

- Dolphins quarterback Gus Frerotte, on his wife, Ann, not being the type to call a local sports radio show to defend him the way Kurt Warner's wife, Brenda, did in St. Louis. ROMEO, WHERE ART THOU?

While Romeo Crennel's defense in Cleveland is playing better than expected, the Patriots are 31st in yards allowed per game (370.9), 27th against the run (128.9), 27th against the pass (242), 30th in first downs alllowed (21.25), 28th in third-down efficiency (43 percent) and 30th in points allowed (27.5) without their former coordinator.


The Ravens defense still works. It has allowed more than 300 total yards just twice this season, 340 to the Colts on opening day and 329 to the Bengals a week ago. Now, about that offense...


The Packers have outscored opponents 168-159, a first for a 1-7 team.


Receiver Randy Moss and cornerback Champ Bailey will face each other for the first time. They can compare limps. Bailey, who dislocated a shoulder in the opener, has missed two games and parts of three others because of a left hamstring. Moss has groin, pelvis and rib problems.


Finally, 30 years after the fact, someone spilled the beans on Panthers coach John Fox's college nickname. Known as "Foxy" for most of his NFL career, the former San Diego State safety out-foxed no one as a player.

"That's Crash," said Jets coach Herm Edwards, an SDSU teammate and cornerback. "Because if you were around the pile, it didn't matter what jersey you were wearing, he was going to hit it."


Former Chicago linebacker Mike Singletary is one of six NFL coaches, all assistants, who were Hall of Fame players, a group that includes Oakland's Fred Biletnikoff and Willie Brown, Kansas City's Charlie Joyner, San Diego's James Lofton and Tennessee's Mike Munchak.

Singletary, the assistant head coach-linebacker coach of the 49ers, makes his first visit to Soldier Field today as a Bears opponent. "That's going to be one of the oddest feelings I've ever had in my life," Singletary said.

- Compiled by staff writer Joanne Korth using information from the Baltimore Sun, Boston Globe, Charlotte Observer, Chicago Tribune, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Rocky Mountain (Denver) News and South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale) Sun-Sentinel.