Evidence painted lurid picture of relationships

Published November 23, 2005

New images of Debra Beasley Lafave and her teenage victim emerge from roughly 600 pages of interviews with family, friends and co-workers.

The evidence, released Tuesday by prosecutors, could have been used at trial.

Among the details:

A classmate and former girlfriend of Lafave's from East Bay High School told prosecutors that Lafave had an eating disorder. She was "trying to fit that mold of being thin, being a star," said Casie Diana Martinez. Martinez said she dated Lafave in high school until Lafave's mother, unhappy that the two girls were involved, withdrew Lafave from East Bay.

Former husband Kristian Owen Lafave said Debra Lafave had told him she was trapped in classrooms and raped by another student when she was 13 and attending Eisenhower Middle School.

Kristian Owen Lafave's first reaction, on hearing Lafave tell of her behavior, was to declare their marriage over. He initially agreed to wait until her criminal case was over before filing for divorce. Two months later, he changed his mind and filed.

Male students often flocked to Lafave's side. They liked to hang out in her portable classroom. Once, at an eighth-grade graduation party in a park, a parent, Veronica Greaves, noticed Lafave seated in a gazebo surrounded by a half-dozen boys and thought it "curious" - "although she's a beautiful, young teacher and it's understandable to me that 14-year-old boys are attracted to beautiful young women."

The victim bragged to close friends about his growing sexual relationship with Lafave. None of them believed him at first. They thought he was making up the story. The boys spent time with the victim and Lafave and saw just a few things that made them wonder. Once, the victim asked Lafave to show her breasts to him as an eighth-grade graduation present, according to victim's friend Jon William Greaves. He said Lafave refused and laughed at the victim.

A colleague and friend of Lafave, Jeremy Jackson, had coached and taught the victim. He called the victim a "very cocky kid" who liked to push boundaries. He also noted that the victim had teased Jackson about his friendship with Lafave, asking the teacher if she was his boyfriend.

"As a football player, he would make comments - I mean, I remember in eighth grade - about how hot Ms. Beasley was," Jackson said in a deposition with prosecutors in March. "I didn't hear him ever talk about any other teacher in a sexual connotation."