Turnout small for rallies near Bush ranch

Associated Press
Published November 27, 2005

CRAWFORD, Texas - A repeat of last summer's dueling rallies against the war and in support of President Bush drew much smaller crowds to Crawford on a cool, rainy Saturday.

About a dozen Bush supporters stood downtown with signs, one reading: "Real America won't wimp out." Throughout the morning, shoppers and tourists leaving souvenir stores stopped in the tent to voice their support for the president.

Closer to the Bush ranch, where the president celebrated Thanksgiving with his family, about 200 people rallied around Cindy Sheehan in a continuation of the California woman's summer protest against the war that claimed her son.

They used the same private lot, near one of two Secret Service checkpoints, where Sheehan held part of the 26-day August vigil.

The scene Saturday was far different from the last weekend in August, though, when several thousand Bush supporters and war protesters held separate rallies in the one-stoplight town of 700 residents. Both sides attributed Saturday's low turnout to the holiday weekend and rainy weather.

Three slain during Alabama motel robbery gs,4

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Three people were killed during a Thanksgiving motel robbery and the robbers escaped with a cash drawer and safe, police said.

The shootings at the Airport Inn were captured by a security camera, police said. Police had the tape, but no arrests had been made Saturday.

Police Capt. Herman Hinton said the men may have killed the three victims to eliminate witnesses. The dead included the front desk clerk, a Texas truck driver staying at the motel and a woman who may have arrived to check in.

"This is a heinous crime," Hinton said.

Motel manager Rufus Carroll said that the video showed the two robbers entering the lobby about 3 p.m. They approached the truck driver first and shot him before he had a chance to stand up, according to the video. The clerk was shot when she attempted to flee, Carroll said. The third victim was apparently shot before the men went behind the front desk to grab a drawer filled with $300 in cash and the safe.

Police: Text messaging to blame in fatal crash

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. - A 17-year-old likely will face misdemeanor charges after allegedly losing control of his car while text messaging and hitting a bicyclist.

The bicyclist, Jim R. Price of Highlands Ranch, died Friday, two days after the accident.

"We do not believe it was an intentional act, but it was inattentiveness to the roadway," said Lt. Alan Stanton, spokesman for Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

"The investigation showed that he was text-messaging on his cell phone" at the time of the accident, said Stanton.

The driver could face a charge of careless driving resulting in death, Stanton said. Under Colorado law, the teen could face 1 year in prison.

2 jail escapees recaptured, but 2 still on the loose

YAKIMA, Wash. - Two more jail escapees, one of them a murder suspect, were recaptured Saturday, but two others were still at large after nine inmates broke out of a maximum security area of the Yakima County Jail.

The men broke through the ceiling of the four-story jail and used a rope made of bed sheets to climb down, authorities said. Five were recaptured before they could flee the jail grounds Friday, but four others got away.

County corrections spokesman Cpl. Ken Rink had no information about how or where authorities on Saturday caught Santos Luera, 20, who was facing a Dec. 5 murder trial in the shooting death of his stepbrother, and Terry Moser, 25, who had been charged with assault.