Unfair to overheat one pool, close another

Letters to the Editor
Published December 9, 2005

Re: Bobby Hicks swimmers are tired of the cold shoulder, Dec. 2.

I swim there until they close it each year and then swim at Interbay. The Interbay pool, which is, according to your article, one-third the size of Bobby Hicks, has been heated to 87 degrees, which is outrageous, unhealthy and wasteful. According to the staff at Interbay, this is because a group of people complained that the pool was too cold at 81-83 degrees. By way of example, NCAA swimming pools are kept at about 78 degrees.

I bet it costs the same to heat Bobby Hicks a few degrees and make everyone happy (for those that are still cold, it would probably be cheaper to purchase wet suits for them) as it does to heat Interbay 10 degrees. The mayor and everyone else involved in city government has no excuse to heat Interbay to 87 degrees and to close Bobby Hicks. As a user of very few city services, the way I vote in the next election will depend on this issue. They ought to either re-open Bobby Hicks and heat it to 81 degrees or, if this is so cost prohibitive, instruct the amphibians at Interbay to buy wet suits and truly save the taxpayers money.

-- Harry Teichman, Virginia Park