Dental records confirm identity

By Times Staff
Published December 13, 2005

ST. PETERSBURG - The Pinellas County Medical Examiner's Office is now certain a body found in Clam Bayou Park is Robert Gray, who disappeared in April.

During the weekend, officials said they were 99 percent sure because identification was found with the body.

A dental records check Monday ended any uncertainty.

Gray, a 58-year-old former Navy pilot and college graduate, disappeared after a slide into alcoholism. The medical examiner has not released an official cause of death. Gray did not appear to have suffered any physical trauma.

Mayor Baker may get pay raise

ST. PETERSBURG - Barely a month after his re-election, Mayor Rick Baker could get a pay raise of between $30,000 and $100,000 under a proposal the City Council will consider this week.

It would be the first major salary increase since the city adopted a strong-mayor form of government in 1993.

Baker, who was re-elected Nov. 8, is paid $113,644 - less than the mayors of Tampa, Orlando, Hialeah and Jacksonville, as well as the county administrator, sheriff and school superintendent in Pinellas County, a city survey found.

As part of a yearly salary review, internal services director Mike Connors found that Baker makes less than 17 members of his own staff.

Connors also compared the salaries of the City Council members and found they made less than elected officials in similar-sized cities.

Connors' proposal, scheduled to be discussed today by a council committee, gives four options for raising the mayor's salary:

--Adjusting for cost-of-living increases to $143,960.

--Increasing to $150,000, slightly higher than the highest paid city staffer.

--Increasing to $162,234, comparable to the average salary of the mayors in four large cities in Florida with a strong-mayor form of government (Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Hialeah).

--Adjusting to approximate other similar positions in Pinellas County, between $147,000 and $212,000.