4 Taser shocks used to subdue suspect

By Times Staff Writer
Published December 14, 2005

It took four Taser shocks to subdue a suspected burglar Monday evening after he violently resisted arrest, police said.

Officers investigating a burglary at a boarding house at 407 E Floribraska Ave. detained 33-year-old Adolfo Victor Ortega, a resident. Police say Ortega became violent when Officer Bernie Ginaitt tried to put him in the rear of his cruiser, and Ortega hit him several times in the torso.

Officer Sara Small used her Taser on Ortega, but Ortega ran away. Police say Small apprehended him a block away, but he refused to comply with commands, so she used the Taser again. He fell to the ground but continued struggling, police said, and Small shocked him twice again before Ginaitt could successfully handcuff Ortega.

Ortega was charged with residential burglary, petty theft, one count of resisting arrest without violence, two counts of resisting arrest with violence and one count of battery on a law enforcement officer. He is being held in a Hillsborough County jail.

The suspect sustained no injuries, but Ginaitt suffered a shoulder injury and was treated at Memorial Hospital. Officer Small was not injured.