Daily fishing report

Published December 22, 2005

A constant northeast wind has made productive fishing a challenge most of this month. Even the most hardcore anglers are taking this time to go through their gear. This is the time to pull out your tackle and give it a good going over.

Take off any old line on your reels and replace it. If you have braided line, it is possible to reverse it and use at the base of the spool. Braided line can be expensive, and the unexposed line at the base will still have its strength. While you have the line off, take a brass brush and scrub off any corrosion on the reel. Wipe the reel down with a corrosion inhibitor. Oil the inside as well. Some reels have an oil port for convenience. Be careful if you decide to take it apart, as a reel has several small parts that can fall out and be lost. Once you finish with the reels, focus on your rods.

Clean the reel seat with fresh water and make sure there is no grit in the threads. Spray some aerosol lubricant on a rag and wipe down the rod. Inspect the eyes. Look for small nicks in the ceramic. These can cut like a razor and are often hard to spot. A good way to make your rod look new is to sand the handle with extra-fine sandpaper 220 grit or better. Wrap the sandpaper around the handle and sand with the grain. This will remove all the dirt. After you sand, wipe the handle down. Take a little time for preventive maintenance and you will get long life out of your gear.

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