Times photos by Keri Wiginton
Chin Check - A move done at the front of the runway. Models are to execute series of 1/4 pivots and hold each pose for three seconds, so each judge can view their profiles.

Ashley Lewis, 10, practices her chin check one final time, while dressed in her night clothes, the night before the 2005 Sweet Pea Pageants National Finals in Cocoa Beach.


   The Farewell Salute - Before exiting the stage, each model is to scan the judges from left to right and do the "Miss America wave" with the right hand. This salute should be a rotation of the wrist from side to side without moving the arm. (Or, as Ms. Dee says, "You're not hailing a cab.")

DiAna Carrasquillo, left, demonstrates "The Farewell Salute" for Tharra Rudnick, 8, during modeling class.

The Miss America Circle - An eight-count walk where the model rotates around in a complete circle, with a chin check. It ends with a pull back, where the model steps back to show the circle is complete.

DiAna Carrasquillo, left, demonstrates "The Miss America Circle" for Tharra Rudnick, 8.


   Pretty Feet - A move for the youngest models (not the infants, only who are old enough to walk). The maneuver includes standing with the feet together, yet pointed in a 90 degree angle from each other.

Pretty Hands - Again, a move for the younger models. It means keeping the arms at the side, flipping the hands out parallel to the floor.

Kylee Buffardi, 5, executes the "Pretty Hands" and "Pretty Feet" move during the beauty portion of the Sweet Pea Pageants National Finals.

The Prissy Walk - A technique popular among "circuit kids" yet not practiced by Ms. Dee's models. It includes much bouncing, arm swinging, and even skipping. The more extreme versions of the prissy walk may also include cartwheels, splits, and holding one foot in the air while posing.  

The Tulip - A move for younger models which includes putting the hands together as if in prayer, then opening the hands and placing the chin inside them. The hands open "like a a tulip," Ms. Dee says.  

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