Life -- and love -- goes on even when the world is at war. Readers share their stories of wartime romance.

Just over the sailor's shoulder
A Tampa woman is sure she's in Life's kiss photo.

 Hear the songs of WWII

The letters in the suitcase
My parents had dated before my dad enlisted. They met when my dad, John Ochen, was 18 and my mom, Shirley Krale, was 15. As we were growing up, a suitcase of letters was occasionally alluded to. The instructions were that the letters were only to be read after the passing of both parents. Since my mom's death last year, I've been reading these letters. There are close to 200 of them.

Letters of love
Readers share their stories of wartime romance.

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Marine pilot kept a diary during his service in World War II. Lt. Charles C. Winnia chronicled his missions flying against the Japanese in the Pacific, and his love for a girl back in Nashville, Tenn. Winnia was shot down, and never came home. His diary -- nearly forgotten for over 60 years -- was recently discovered and read by his sweetheart, Violet Jane Watkins, for the first time.

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Originally a radio program, the show began in 1935, and ran for the next 15 years. From 1950 to 1959, 'Your Hit Parade' was a weekly network television program. The radio and TV versions of the program consisted of a "Top Ten" list, plus "Lucky Strike Extras". The methodology used to ascertain the 'Top Ten' was never revealed, but audiences that loved the music never complained.