The stories of a generation. Our readers share their memories of military service and life on the home front.

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WWII: I remember ...
The wooden box
During January 1946 in Pearl Harbor, my father, Sumner D. Lang, U.S. Navy first class machinist mate, was assigned to the I-401, a Japanese submarine captured by the U.S. Navy shortly after the Japanese surrendered in 1945.

The boy who drew the war
As preteen kids on Staten Island, playing the usual stick ball games, Johnny-ride-the-pony, flipping baseball cards and kick the can, the news reports of the fighting in Europe and Asia seemed so far away.

Letters from the Pacific
Dig, dig, dig

Letters from Europe
The sound and the fury

Letters: They're playing our song
We were a B-17 bomber crew in the 8th force based in England during World War II. There were originally nine of us, and it was our good fortune (almost all of us) to survive 25 combat missions.

Movies of the time
Hollywood was a devoted ally to the World War II effort, from war bonds and USO shows to the flag-waving propaganda created by filmmaking veterans such as John Ford and Daryl F. Zanuck.

The war - by the books
Thousands of books have been written about World War II -- a website devoted exclusively to the subject lists 5,203 books in stock -- and hundreds are scheduled to be published this fall to mark the 60th anniversary of the war's end. Where to start?

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