Man rapes, brutally beats woman

The victim has had several surgeries to repair facial damage from the Jan. 3 assault in St. Petersburg.

Published January 10, 2006

ST. PETERSBURG - Police say Eddy A. Martinez had been in town only three days when he started causing trouble, as a suspect in a Dec. 22 home burglary.

It got worse.

On Tuesday, police announced Martinez had been arrested after a 50-year-old woman said he walked her home, beat and raped her then put her in the bathroom while he rummaged for jewelry, CDs and DVDs.

"She's unrecognizable from her driver's license," Detective Bill Burris said. "It was very, very vicious."

The victim later called 911 and was taken to Bayfront Medical Center, where she underwent several facial surgeries to repair injuries suffered during the Jan. 3 attack, police said.

Police said the victim went to Rookie's Sports Cafe on Fourth Street N on the evening of Jan. 2 and ended up sitting with a 57-year-old disabled woman. The women were sitting at an outside table when 24-year-old Martinez came over.

His advance made some people at the table uncomfortable, police said. "One lady said just the look of him made her nervous," Burris said.

Martinez, who had accumulated a lengthy arrest record, had been released from a jail near Miami late last year after serving time on a domestic battery charge.

At some point the disabled woman, who uses a walker, decided to go home. The victim offered to help her cross Fourth Street and Martinez went along, police said.

Afterward, Martinez offered to walk the victim to her home nearby.

"The victim said goodbye to the suspect and unlocked the door, at which time the suspect forced his way inside her home and demanded sex," according to a news release. "When the victim refused, the suspect violently beat her about the head and then sexually battered her. Afterward, the suspect placed her in the bathroom and rummaged through her home for several hours before stealing some of her jewelry."

Detectives identified Martinez as the suspect using fingerprint evidence at the scene and by showing his picture to the victim and witnesses at the bar.

Martinez was arrested Friday outside his apartment at 200 78th Ave N, Apt. 54. He refused to talk to investigators. Inside the apartment, detectives found property and jewelry, some of which belonged to the victim.

He was being held Tuesday in Pinellas county jail on $120,000 bail.

Police ask anyone with information about Martinez to call 893-4035.