Clearwater teenager accidentally shot in arm

By Times Staff
Published January 23, 2006

A 15-year-old Clearwater girl was accidentally shot early Sunday.

Kristina Nielson, of 14822 Feather Cove Road, was treated and released at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa.

Nielson was at a sleepover with two other 15-year-old girls when they slipped away and went to a party.

At the party, one of the girls called Bandaly Barbari, 23, of Clearwater, and asked for a ride home. Barbari and Jason Edward Elliott, 20, picked up the girls and took them to 740 Samantha Drive in Palm Harbor, detectives said.

The home belongs to Elliott's parents, who were out of town.

Detectives said Elliott took the girls to the master bedroom, where he got a handgun. The gun went off, hitting Nielson in the right arm and torso.

Detectives said a charge of culpable negligence against Elliott will be referred to the State Attorney's Office for prosecution. The charge is a first-degree misdemeanor.

Jude rules anti-nudity law unconstitutional

DAYTONA BEACH - A federal judge has struck down the city's anti-nudity laws, saying they are unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge John Antoon decided Friday that Daytona Beach's laws prohibiting public nudity, and nudity in places that sell alcohol, violate the First and 14th Amendments.

Daytona Beach also failed to prove its claim that adult nightclubs create secondary negative impacts on levels of crime, prostitution and illegal drug activity in neighborhoods, Antoon said in his ruling.

"We won on every single issue," said Daniel Aaronson, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer representing Lollipops Gentleman's Club in its federal lawsuit.

City officials said they plan to study the judge's ruling and ask the City Commission about a possible appeal.

Public nudity, particularly women exposing their breasts, has been an issue at special events including Biketoberfest and spring break.