This Joe's a treasure

Letters to the Editor
Published January 29, 2006

Gary Shelton's Jan. 17 article "Same Ol' Joe" was Five Star and should be submitted to the Seattle newspaper so fans are also aware of what a treasure they have, and of Tampa Bay's enduring respect for him. Joe Jurevicius is in the same class category as John Lynch.

-- Robyn Dalton, Largo

This one's not

While denying Joe Barry the opportunity to break his word, how much will this stingy Bucs organization be paying him over this next year? Probably about as much as most doctors or attorneys make. What a pity.

If Barry worked for me, he'd be gone, because no matter how good his work ethic is or how well he knows the X's and O's, you can't sell others on being something you are not. Barry is a man of his word until and unless it isn't convenient. And that lesson won't be lost on young athletes.

This Bucs defensive staff was built by a man who knew how to be accountable. Suppose Mike Alstott, Derrick Brooks and Simeon Rice had sons old enough to play in the NFL. Would they want their sons influenced by Barry?

Character is identified in adversity. What we are speaks louder than what we say. Go to Detroit, Joe. Let's see how long the Lions can count on your word.

-- Thomas Fredrick, Port Richey