Purse bid despite Shaw's return

Published February 10, 2006

St. Petersburg's Winky Wright and promoter Gary Shaw have decided to remain together for one more fight, telling Lou DiBella Thursday night they will accept his offer for a June 17 fight with Jermain Taylor.

But it may be too late.

DiBella, who has said the current deal was still on the table as recently as Wednesday night, has apparently had a change of heart. According to Shaw and Wright's lawyer Jim Wilkes, DiBella has stated he will go to Mexico City for today's WBC purse bid at noon.

"Winky and Gary have agreed, and were willing to announce it right now," said Wilkes. "DiBella is saying he'd rather to go to purse bid."

DiBella was unavailable for comment.

By WBC rules, the winning promoter has to pay the champion (Taylor) 60 percent of the purse, while the mandatory challenger (Wright) gets 40 percent.

The deal negotiated by DiBella and Shaw on Monday was for a 55-45 split of an 8.5-million pot. But Wright nixed that deal and parted ways with Shaw, prompting Wilkes to say he has resigned as his adviser as Wright moved forward with his own promotional company.

But Wilkes has spent all week trying to put Wright and Shaw back together, was successful late Thursday night. However, Shaw said he still hasn't spoken to Wright but received a letter from Wilkes "authorizing me to negotiate on Winky's behalf."

Shaw has until noon today to convince DiBella to accept the previous terms, but the two are not particularily friendly.