Daily dispatches from Turin

Times columnists send the latest updates from life amid the Olympic games.

Published February 11, 2006

JROMANO: There is a small shack in the middle of the road about 50 yards from my hotel in Claviere. After wondering for two days, I finally asked about it. Turns out, it's the French border. Apparently, there is an old village about 2 kilometers away with pastries to die for. At home, I have Cracker Barrel. Here, I have France. Things are looking up.

GSHELTON: As I understand it, Robert De Niro's career started the same way.

I was working in the press room today, gathering notes before leaving for the Opening Ceremonies, typing and drinking a Coca Cola Light (Italian for: Diet Coke. Go figure) when suddenly there was a television camera pointed at me and a voice speaking to me in an Italian accent. "Excuse me," said another man, obviously the director. "Can you please take another drink of your Coke?"

It took one take. No dribbles. He was impressed. Soon, I expect my own sitcom.