Gretzky's wife to go to Italy

Associated Press
Published February 11, 2006

TRENTON, N.J. - Janet Jones will accompany husband Wayne Gretzky to Italy for the Winter Olympics, a few days after she was implicated in an alleged gambling ring involving NHL players.

Jones allegedly placed bets with a gambling operation financed by Rick Tocchet, Gretzky's assistant with the Coyotes. She bet at least $100,000 on football, the Associated Press reported.

Authorities in New Jersey allege Tocchet's ring took in $1.7-million in wagers in the five weeks culminating in the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, the investigator hired by the NHL said commissioner Gary Bettman is closely monitoring the situation.

"He's plugged into what we're doing on a daily, even hourly basis," said Robert Cleary, the former Unabomber prosecutor.

Cleary was hired Wednesday to find out if and to what extent NHL players were involved in the ring. Bettman also told Cleary to cooperate with law enforcement.

While Bettman expects a thorough investigation, Cleary would not say if or when he would interview Gretzky, Tocchet or Jones.