Published March 12, 2006

FIGHTING B'S: Boston defenseman Nick Boynton is calling the Sabres cheaters, saying all they do is take dives when touched.

"They're flopping like fish out of water," he said after Buffalo beat Boston 3-2 Tuesday. "All you have to do to be a GM now is give your team some acting lessons, and you're all set. They're supposed to fine guys for diving, but they don't do it. So hats off to them. They play the rules, I guess, the way we have to play them. But it's tough to look yourself in the mirror after a game when you know you're flopping around and taking dives and not playing the game the way it should be played."

Asked if he can look at himself in the mirror, Sabres forward Daniel Briere, who was penalized for diving in the game, said: "I have no problem looking at the standings when we walk in the door. Before making comments like that you should look at yourself in the mirror and look where you're standing and why you're losing all those games."

Added Briere, whose team is 5-0 against Boston this season: "It doesn't really bother us. They've got to give good reasons to their fans why they've been losing to us this year."

GIFT HORSE: After beating the Lightning Monday, the Senators were flown to owner Eugene Melnyk' s horse farm in Ocala. Not only did the players get to check out 200 or so horses, they also fished in the stocked bass ponds on the 1,000-acre property.

As they left, the players and staff received gift bags that included new video iPods and customized leather belts, each with a brass plate of the person's name engraved.

The Senators showed their appreciation by getting waxed by the Panthers the next day.