Daily fishing report

Published March 12, 2006

Water temperatures have warmed to a more tolerable degree. In a few days we will see migrating kingfish.

A few days ago we jigged up a livewell full of Spanish sardines. There was a massive school hovering along the bottom. As we started to jig the first baits up, the entire school followed our rigs to the surface. This allowed us to catch five at a time until the job was finished.

At the same 90-foot depth, we saw numerous bonito working the surface. They were ambushing small fry minnows with fury. Small terns were the first indicators of these small minnows en masse. We saw the birds skimming the surface, followed by the bonito. The hunters were working together, causing a feeding frenzy.

The schools of small baitfish are slowly working their ways toward the beaches. This migration of microbait will lure the Spanish mackerel soon. After the macks arrive, there will be kingfish.

The mangrove snapper were willing to attack the Spanish sardines soon after they were sent to the bottom. We found them among large rocks near a small break in about 110 feet. We ran another 10 miles to catch the mangos.

Dave Mistretta captains the Jaws Too out of Indian Rocks Beach. Call 727 595-3276, e-mail jawstoo@msn.com or see www.jawstoo.com