Sideshow: That wasn't so bad, was it?

Published March 12, 2006

He sounded obsessed with meeting her. She sounded like she'd rather have pins stuck under her fingernails.

But Shaun "The Flying Tomato" White finally got to meet the woman of his desire, Sasha Cohen, without force involved, not long after they returned from the Winter Olympics.

White threw himself a party at a Los Angeles club Feb.29 to celebrate his snowboarding gold medal, and Cohen was among the roughly 200 snowboarders, skaters, punk rockers and friends who attended, People magazine says. The two ended up talking for about an hour.

"It was rad," White said.

While his wish to meet the figure skater took on a life of its own before and during the Games, Cohen's most public comments about it came in an interview with Bob Costas on NBC after she won her silver medal. She did not seem amused.

But apparently meeting White wasn't that bad for her. The two got together again at an Academy Awards party in Los Angeles on March 5. And the world has proof.

HE COULD JUST MAKE A DOCUMENTARY: He mocked modeling in Zoolander and team sports in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. Up next for Ben Stiller : figure skating.

And, Cohen says, Stiller has offered her a cameo in the movie he's planning.

"I want to do it," she said in an Associated Press report. "It's not like it would be a stretch, and hopefully I'll get to be funny."

JUST A CAMEO?! SHE'S A STAR!!!! Cohen was the subject of three of the Games' 10 most-replayed moments by TiVo users, according to TiVo's analysis of 20,000 households.

Her short program, which gave her the temporary lead, was No.2, her interview with Costas No.4 and her performance during the skating exhibition No.5.

Not surprising: Seven of the top 10 replays were figure skating performances or interviews.

Surprising: Only one involved the sport's equivalent of a centerfold, silver-medal ice dancer Tanith Belbin.

Not surprising (or more evidence that NASCAR is huge only because of the crashes): The most-replayed moment was Canadian ice dancer Marie-France Dubreuil slamming to the ice after losing her grip on her partner during a move. She was taken to a hospital and eventually dropped out of the competition.

MORE WAYS SPORTS TRAINS YOU FOR OTHER CAREERS: For his first movie in 25 years, Terry Bradshaw gets to star with an Oscar winner, People's latest sexiest man alive and Sarah Jessica Parker . And he gets to do a nude scene.

"Not that I got a lot to show off here," he tells the Associated Press of his moment in Failure to Launch. "But I really thought - and I think I'm right - you seeing my butt is a shocker."

His preparation for that scene, he says, was all his years undressing in front of innumerable people in football locker rooms.

"Once I dropped my boxer shorts and exposed myself to the entire crew, it was kind of refreshing in a way," he says, chortling. "I was like: I can breathe."

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