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Letters to the Editor
Published March 12, 2006

Re: ACC tourney clock running for bay area, Wednesday

How can Tampa host the ACC men's basketball tournament when it can't even show first-round games on TV in this area? With teams such as Florida State and Miami in the tournament, you can only get Florida State on AM radio in first round. Miami, no where to be found.

-- Jack Rains, Largo

Re: Brooks gives Bucs breathing room, Monday

All together Tampa Bay: "Who's our favorite player? Mr. Derrick Brooks!"

-- Christine J. Demyan, New Port Richey

What is wrong with the Lightning? As an avid fan since its inception, I am sick and tired of the same old pathetic excuses. NBA coach Rudy Tomjanovich said: "Never underestimate the heart of a champion." Heart! The team has played the entire season thus far without it. Look within each and every overpaid individual on the team and examine and evaluate his heart. I know this, if the rest of us did our job like they are doing theirs, we would all be looking for work tomorrow.

-- Robert Branley, Clearwater

So much for the power of woofin'. I'm referring to the comments by Times sports writer John Cotey (and others) that WBO super-middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe didn't stand a chance against former IBF champion Jeff Lacy because Calzaghe cracked a smile during the "staredown" at the weigh-in. Calzaghe's dominance of Lacy proves once again that there's more to sports than psyching and that predictions are best left to the experts.

-- Bob Musson, Redington Shores