Bulls' best bench-warmer

A snapshot of what makes this tournament a special event

Published March 24, 2006

TAMPA - Gotta love a kid who says, "I live for taking infield because that's my chance to get on the field."

Or, after playing only two innings in this year's Saladino Tournament: "This week is the highlight of all my time playing baseball."

Meet Bloomingdale sophomore Clint Brown, who grins and says with a thick country drawl, "I'm just workin' hard and waitin' my turn."

Bloomingdale coach K.B. Scull said that though Brown has played sparingly all season (five at-bats, one hit) don't think about selling Brown's contribution short.

"There's nothing worse for a team than a kid who acts miserably because he's not playing," Scull said. "Clint is the opposite. He's great for morale because he never complains, and he'll do anything he can to help us."

For instance, when Bloomingdale's chalk machine broke this season, it was Clint who said, "I'll take it home and have it back to you tomorrow good as new."

The next day the chalk fell straight down the lines.

As for playing, Brown thinks short term.

"Next year at the Saladino I'd love to be fielding groundballs in a game," Brown said. "That would be perfect."