Daily fishing report

Published March 28, 2006

Cooler weather the past few days has forced anglers to adjust fishing strategies and use some late wintertime tactics to catch the intended species. A drop in water temperature will make fish lethargic. Slowing down presentations will create more opportunity to get a bite. If using artificial lures, be sure to work them near the bottom.

Select shrimp is the bait of choice during a sudden change of weather. Using a split shot just above the hook with a cork placed three feet above it will place the bait in a lower part of the water column where fish stay during cold spikes.

The speckled seatrout bite has been great over the past weekend, with most bites lasting well into the incoming tide. Our north Pinellas coastline should see a strong run of these fish well into late April. Most of the bigger yellow-mouthed females have spawned and are feeding aggressively at dawn.

Redfish have made their presence known at nearly all oyster bars and shallow grass flats leading up to mangrove shorelines. On higher tides these bronze predators are roaming the shadow lines of the bushes in search of food. A freelined shrimp tossed into this area won't last long. Be sure to rig with at least a 25 pound leader to prevent break offs on barnacles that grow on mangrove roots. With the water clearing a little, keep a good distance from the target zone to not spook off the fish.

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