President pushes for extension of tax cuts

Associated Press
Published April 2, 2006

WACO, Texas - President Bush used the upcoming income tax-filing deadline and his weekly radio address to promote tax-cut proposals and set up an election-year debate with Democrats.

Bush urged Congress to permanently extend tax cuts he had enacted during his first term.

"Some Democrats in Washington are insisting that we let that happen, or even repeal the tax cuts now," Bush said from his Texas ranch.

"In either case, that would weaken our economy and would leave American families with a big tax hike that they do not expect and will not welcome."

Democrats say Bush's emphasis on sweeping tax cuts is driving up the deficit.

But the president said he can meet his goal of cutting the deficit in half by the end of his time in office through pro-growth economic policies and spending restraint.

"The evidence is overwhelming: The opponents of tax cuts were wrong," he said.

"Tax relief has helped to create jobs and opportunities for American families, and it's helped our economy grow."

The president used the call for tax relief to appeal to Americans' pocketbooks with the April 15 filing deadline approaching.

"As tax day approaches later this month, many American families are now finishing their tax returns," Bush said. "And as you do, an important debate is taking place in Washington that will affect the amount you will pay in the years ahead."