Remove balustrade and dredge the bay

Letters to the Editor
Published April 28, 2006

Re: Another Bayshore bummer, April 21

At the intersection of Bay to Bay and Bayshore boulevards, the city could remove a portion of the balustrade and dredge the bay. Let your imagination go! Create a park, parking, fitness area, boat tieup, concession, flagpole, police/emergency staging for Gasparilla, a waterfront restaurant (the Colonnade?), nature watching, artists painting, exhibits, a bus/trolley stop, etc. Make it a walking destination with something to do once we got there. The city wouldn't have to purchase the land.

If it was a police substation and officers were in and out of there 24 hours a day, it would stop the speeding, drag racing, vagrants, etc. We the people of Tampa own the bay and the silt; let's put it to good use.

Dredge the bay, replace the balustrade, make the intersection four ways, and solve many problems in the process.

Judith Reteneller, Virginia Park

We must protect wild areas from development's sprawl

Re: Another Bayshore bummer, April 21

I have lived in Tampa for 20 years now. I have watched the development in our county sprawl out all over Northwest Tampa, New Tampa, the monstrosity called FishHawk Ranch (ironic since it has probably taken away more habitat than any other development) and to every other corner of our county.

I get very irked when I hear people whine about the height of the new buildings going up in Tampa. We live in a city. That's where the people and skyscrapers belong.

When we deny these rezonings, we put additional stresses on our environment by pushing development out into the rest of the county. We need to realize we live in a growing city, and we need to grow responsibly. I personally prefer single-home living, yet I live in a condo.

Please refrain from joining those who think only of their immediate surroundings. It is wiping out the wild parts of our state.

David Armstrong, South Tampa

Cinema's survival essential to area's cultural offerings

Re: A theater fades to black? April 7

As a resident of South Tampa, I am extremely disturbed by the prospect of losing one of the best attractions in our area, Sunrise Cinema.

It is a joy to have a local movie house that offers many alternatives - independent films as well as first-run commercial films.

There are very few movie houses in the Tampa Bay area that afford our public the opportunity to view such cultural, innovative, provocative, enlightening, amusing, educational films as does Sunrise Cinema.

With all the construction going on, with all the talk about making our area a place of diversity, growth and interest, I cannot understand why anyone would want to destroy a movie house that cares enough about its citizenry to run some of the best independent films being made today.

It would be such a shame to destroy this icon in order to make way for yet another condominium complex.

If we are about bringing people to the Tampa Bay area, we need to make sure we are providing them with not only beautiful housing and fine dining spots, but also venues that nourish the soul and mind.

Let's work to keep this unique and wonderful movie house alive.

Iris Lazarus, Parkland Estates