GOP women's group dissolved

Published May 24, 2006

A bitter internal dispute has caused the demise of one of Florida's most prominent Republican clubs.

When the Florida Federation of Republican Women, led by longtime activist Anne Voss of Tampa, refused to let two members renew their membership, the organization's national office ordered it dissolved.

"Our executive committee debated what to do, and we decided unanimously we could not violate our own bylaws by not removing them," said Beverly Davis, president of the National Federation of Republican Women. "It was an extremely difficult decision - regrettable, but necessary."

Voss declined to discuss details of the dispute but said she and other members had been working hard to bring the Florida federation "into the 21st century."

Davis said a similar statewide group is being organized to replace the now-defunct federation. It is tentatively to be called the Florida New Federation of Republican Women.