Congo deports workers accused of coup plot

Published May 30, 2006

KINSHASA, Congo - Congo said Monday it is deporting 32 foreigners, including three Americans, it charged with planning a coup, saying it would have taken too long to prosecute them.

The Americans' employer, AQMI Strategy Corp. of Orlando, said they were providing security and campaign consulting for a candidate in Congo's upcoming elections.

Congolese Information Minister Henri Mova Sakanyi said the Americans left Saturday. AQMI president Frank Amodeo said the allegations against Joseph Robinson of Orlando, Kevin Billings of Orlando and Seth Taylor of San Diego "were so completely unwarranted as to be ridiculous."

U.S. airman faces military trial over colleague's death

KEFLAVIK, Iceland - A U.S. airman will face a court-martial on a murder charge in the killing of a U.S. servicewoman who was scheduled to testify against him in another case, a U.S. Air Force spokeswoman said Monday. Airman Calvin Eugene Hill, 20, of Warren, Ohio, was charged in February with murder in the August death in Keflavik of Airman 1st Class Ashley Turner, 20, of Frederick, Md. He still faces charges of wrongful appropriation, larceny, making false official statements and absence without leave.